Friday, March 8, 2013

BluePrint Cleanse :: Day 1

I woke up feeling super excited that we were finally going to drink our juices!! I drank another detox water (hot water, lemon, cinnamon) and was off to the gym. I had an awesome workout, which again surprised me because I typically have coffee before I go to the gym. My energy level and mood were great despite no caffeine! When I got home I got ready for work before taking my first sip...

Green Juice. Now I've been reading lots of reviews about the BP green juice and they simply do not do it justice. I have no idea why anyone would not like this. Apple and lemon are the most prominent flavors with just a touch of cucumbery, green goodness. Louis and I both had no trouble at all getting this down and actually really liked it.

I had a cup of tea and a few waters once I got to work, but felt plenty satisfied and was able to wait until 12:15pm for my 2nd juice, Pineapple Apple Mint. This is the one they sell at my corner store and I cannot stop buying for myself. It's so delicious.

I drank my next two, another Green and the Lemon Cayenne Agave between 2pm and 4pm. The lemon one I also get at the store frequently and it is like a spicy lemonade. I like it because I can't drink it too quickly even though I love the taste (I drink the PAM in about 3 minutes). I was never super hungry, just knew it when it was time for the next one.

When it was time for me to head home, I started getting a little hungry. On the subway, I suddenly became ravenous. And anxious. Am I going to have to turn to the celery sticks?? Will I have to buy another juice (if so can it be the PAM)? Louis must be famished. How will we fill the time allllll night???? I felt a little crazy by the time I got home. I quickly downed two glasses of peach detox tea and felt much better. I managed to wait an hour before having my Beet Juice (apple, carrot, beet, lemon, ginger). We also saw lots of negative reviews about this beet juice - in fact it was one reason Louis originally wasn't wanting to do this cleanse. BEET JUICE AAHHHH. Turns out, like the green juice, all of the flavors combined are completely delicious. I could definitely taste the beet and carrot and although I love both of those veggies, mixed with apple, lemon and ginger they are super tasty. Most likely anything mixed with apple, lemon, and ginger is amazing!! This one was Louis's fave of the day.

We chatted about a few things, talked with Dahni (cousin Dahni), discussed a few movies, and ended up watching the 80's movie...The Heathers. I really liked it...funny...a little dark. Winona Ryder is so pretty and adorable! I grabbed my last juice, Cashew Milk, about thirty minutes into it. I wasn't really hungry at all  but I wanted to finish all the juices two hours before we went to bed. Oh. Man. I LOVED this one! Cashew, water, cinnamon, vanilla, agave.......all blended together like a smoothie! This one was thicker than the rest and reminded me of something I'd make for a dessert. On the contrary, Louis wasn't crazy about the ole cashew. Maybe he'll like it better tonight?!?

Overall, I felt energized and alert all throughout the day, almost as if I'd had a cup of coffee. I had one 45 minute period where I felt really hungry, but I think that it was completely mental and because of my typical evening routine. It's weird coming home and not prepping, cooking, and cleaning up! It leaves a lot more time in the night. Once I settled down and gave myself a pep talk, I was good to go. I actually ended up being really full after the beet and cashew juices so I'll probably spread them more out from now on.

The only one not thrilled about this cleanse is Lucy. She hates no extra snacks throughout the day!! Poor girl!!!

Hope everyone is excited it's Friday and ready for the weekend!!!

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