Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Like It :: February Edition

1. Ann Taylor Loft Colorblock Dress - Have you been in this store lately? I feel all the clothes in there have become complete dream pieces and very MadMen-esque. I've been staring at this purple and pink dress for a few weeks now, but I'm nervous to go back into the store because I seriously want everything they have.Super reasonable prices as well.

2. Louis & I watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower over the weekend. So. Good. Same producers as Juno, which I also loved. The movie really does a great job at making you feel like a teenager again. It is wonderful to watch, but also heartbreaking. I had a breakdown at the end, but I've been thinking about it since Friday. I think you should watch it, then read the book. Save the best for last because the books are always better.

3. I told you I bought the black Vince Camuto booties, but now I obviously need a brown pair to complete my wardrobe.

4. SO obsessed with instagram and I'd love to have all of my beautiful, awesome, fab, ultra cool photos stuck to my fridge. Magnetic instas?  StickyGram !!

5. This spring and summer I'm really into stripes. I just decided that after finding a million striped items that I would like to wear. This shirt is super cute and looks so comfy. Anthropologie & JCrew have awesome striped shirts right now as well.

6. A list of faves would be incomplete without a necklace from Anthropologie. I love all of their jewelry - but especially anything with that teal color. Looks cute with everything.

7. I really want to do the BluePrint cleanse. I've tried the pineapple juice and it's SO delicious. I'm still trying to convince my finance manager that this definitely falls within our budget. If you are interested in learning about the benefits, then read about it here.


  1. "Like a teenager again". You are barely not a teen. Xoxo

    Enjoy the cleanse.