Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Like It - Kitchen Envy

Hello. Let me preface this with, I love our apartment. I really do. It's homey, comfortable, cute, warm, peaceful and filled with lots of love. It's been amazing to us for almost three years.


I'm starting to get the itch to redecorate. I've never been good at or had the patience for decorating. I believe this stems from the fact that I'm not very handy. I can hardly hang a picture frame, never painted, unsure about sanding and all the steps for fixing up furniture, etc. I definitely can't put things together and I'm usually over any project before I begin. When I attempt to do things around the house (other than cleaning which I'm quite amazing at cleaning, by the way), I typically end up with giant gashes in the walls, several huge holes within a two inch radius, and most likely nails and screws thrown across the floor along with feelings of rage and frustration.

I had "my" first apartment in college. Mom and dad picked out the stuff, decorated, and paid my rent. I know, lucky duck. My second apartment (my very own), was furnished with everything Ikea - rugs, towels, furniture, bed coverings, I mean everything. That worked out great until Louis and I moved in together and it looked like a full grown man was living with a 23 year old girl in an Ikea furnture display room. When we moved to New York we sold most of the Ikea stuff and decided to start from scratch. We now have several pieces of furniture that I really love. I did okay at the decorating in our apartment when we first moved in, but I have hardly touched it since that first summer. I never feel like investing (we now have to hire a handyman for anything other than changing a lightbulb) time, energy, or money into our place because I'm unsure of how long we'll be here. We aren't planning to move, but I'm sure at some point we will.

Which brings me to...I'm starting to get tired of how everything looks. I want paint on the walls. New pictures. Art. Hanging pots and pans. A new TV stand. Pillows on our couch. A big kitchen table. Pretty vases with pretty things popping out of them. Etc. Until we move or I have a complete change of heart about putting money and time into our current home, I shall live vicariously through the amazing places I find on Pinterest.

And now for some really adorable kitchens:


I try to be realistic about the type of kitchen we might have in our next home. I know that we most likely won't ever have one of those brand new, perfectly shiny countertops with nothing but a vase of flowers on display. But that's okay, because I love having everything exposed. I love pots and utensils hanging from a rack above the oven or island. I love tons of colors - which I've got a pretty solid collection of bright colored things now thanks to our wonderful friends and family. I like a lived in, homey, kitchen.
So those are some that I think are amazing. I'm going to keep searching for ideas so that when/if we do ever move or redecorate, I'll be SET.
Lovely to daydream!
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(Please Note: I always provide sources to photos that are not my own, however some of the above found through pinterest did not have links back to the original source. For those, I linked back to pinterest so you can view the chain as far back as you would like.)


  1. Have you seen the kitchen in "Because I Said So?"

    Everytime I look for a new apartment, I think of buying a place, JUST so I can knock out the existing kitchen, to make it look like that one.


    It's the kitchen with the open shelving, chalkboard on the fridge doors, giant island with stove, etc... it's my dream.

  2. Jen! That kitchen is AMAZING!!!! What a dream it would be to cook in that perfection every day!