Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pumpkin Waffles & Basketball

I just love a good weekend!! Saturday Louis had a long work day, so after catching up on Revenge, I went to the gym completed my weekly housecleaning session and made a big batch of fake potato soup. I'll say it again...that stuff is delicious. When Louis got home we had our dinner and watched an episode of Sons of Anarchy. Now that I'm in my late 20s I'm apparently addicted to television shows, and staying home in our clean, good smelling apartment.

I was so excited for Sunday morning because we both had zero work type obligations and an entire day of really super fun things planned. Well two fun things were planned. We had a scrumptious breakfast of pumpkin waffles with chocolate chips, topped with bananas and syrup. I'd post the recipe but it's just the box of mix from trader joes. They were tasty, not overpowering or too pumpkiny (if there is such a thing)...and let's be real waffles are always a good treat.

After the big breakfast I got ready for our number 2 fun thing: the Magic/Nets game at the new Barclays Center. Since Dwight left, I'll admit that I haven't watched any Magic games at all. I know. I'm one of those fans. To be honest I really don't like watching sports on TV and now that we are in New York, there are few occasions to see the Magic play. I was thinking I'd pull out my old Stan Van shirt or maybe even my Jameer jersey, but Louis informed me that New York basketball games are way fancier than Florida basketball games. He was a little wrong about this---but I like getting a little dressed up, so I didn't complain. Besides, on the off-chance that I ran into Jay Z (or Katie Holmes or Scarlett) I wanted to look my best.

 I was really excited to see what the stadium looked like...and it's beautiful. Yardley and Louis said that it's even better than the Orlando Arena.


We got an All You Can Eat pass with our tickets because it's November and that means holiday eating will soon occur--don't bother saving the cals. All of us had Fatty 'Cue. I chose the mac n cheese with brisket. Oh man. So good. They had a lot of other good looking food stands...even a Calexico which is one of my fave Brooklyn restaurants. I didn't do much Allyoucaneat-ing, but the guys got a second meal of chicken wings because they could. Please note that tiny soda. You can only get the small ones now. Pro-health. After this I got myself a giant Coors Light.

We lost the game which was a bummer, but it was still a really fun time. I grew up going to basketball games with my Dad. It was always such a treat to me----I got to have soda, peanut m&ms, personal pan pizza, dance up and down the aisles copying the Magic dancers, and of course hang out just me and my Dad. I still get super excited to go to the games.  I love the music, cheering, smells of deliciousness, seeing the players and wondering about their lives (are they sad Dwight's gone? are they sad they might lose a lot this year?). Basketball is my favorite sport to watch because the game fast paced (not like baseball) and I can actually see the ball (not like football). I really loved being in that stadium and I might decide to start liking the Nets---only when they aren't playing the Magic.


  1. What a nice Sunday! Why are there so few fans at that game?? So glad you had a good time! Love and miss you!

  2. Sister! There are so few fans because we got there REALLY early before they even let people in. Haha! It filled up once things got started. I love and miss you too!!!!

  3. Thank you sweet daughter for the memories of going to the Orena together. Every moment was/is so special.

    Love you both. Love Sistah too.

  4. I sooo much love that you are also a huge basketball fan and are true to the Magic. Great pictures and read :)

  5. Tooje--I love you too!!!!

    Crystal--thanks girl!! i'm sure you'll have great memories with your girl taking her to all the games!!