Sunday, October 7, 2012

bands, babes, & chocolate

Since I try to eat healthy during the week, when the weekends arrive I'm always ready to take advantage/sabatage all of the hard work that I've done. Let's be real, I've had some trouble getting back into the gym (4 times since our return), so there hasn't really been too much hard work....but you know, just the standard saving of calories and carbs. Anyway, this past Friday Louis met me in the city after work for salad and chicken wings. I was feeling pretty good about myself, not stuffed, didn't get a beer, but during our walk afterward we somehow ended up on a chocolate feast date.
Ya know-- we had a little trouble figuring out what to order so we went with two desserts. If we were gonna do this, we were most definitely EACH getting a full portion of deliciousness.
Treat 1: A fancy sundae with chocolate and peanut butter and crunchy stuff and of course some peanut butter sauce and chocolate sauce for dipping.
Treat 2: The 80s milkshake. I was a little thrown off after my first sip...but after the second sip I had to refrain from guzzling it down in a few giant gulps. It was less milky than most milkshakes I've had, and really chocolatey. It was topped with a scoop of vanilla in a chocolate shell.
Thank you husband. I will always approve of a dessert date especially if it includes lots of chocolate.
That was my first time at Max Brenner...but not my first time trying their chocolate. Louis sometimes gets me a piece if we are meeting up in Union Square and I've also gotten the hot chocolate once before. I think we'll definitely be making dessert dates a regular occurrence, perhaps monthly.

Saturday after waking from our sugar coma, we made the trek to Philly for a Bloodline show in a park. Pre-park, we stopped by Adam's for a quick chat about music---specifically something about the bass. I wont pretend to know about choppy bassing vs smooth bassing and all that.
This lil gem and I hung out during the show. Her mama plays in the band so I was babysitting...also getting my arm pulled out of the socket from her kite-like thrashing around. She is a puppy after all.
I finally got to meet one of Louis's dearest friends. She was visiting from Arizona.
They've been friends since they were teenagers. We shared a few jolly pumpkins together after the show. So glad I finally got to meet her!!!
Obviously with all the food trucks and delicious smelling food I started to get a little hungry. Before we went for beers Louis and I helped ourselves to crabcakes and fish n chips. I'm a real big fan of anything with crab that doesn't involve me ripping my hands apart on those cutters and claws.
This was actually one of the best cakes. Ever.
My dog friend again and sweet Lois.
It probably seems like we just had the crab cake, but clearly we weren't leaving Philly without getting Wawa. Especially since that thanksgiving sub with the turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce is back.
Atari for the atari? After Wawa we raced back to NY to see these guys who were playing at Knitting Factory in BK. Luckily we arrived in time for a few pre-show beers. Hello, hello. Louis toured with the Ataris a couple summers ago. We are always excited to see them!!
The show was fun and as always, brought me back to spring break, junior year of highschool. Louis was doing a lil moshing here and there...a little crowd surfing...just the typical jerking around. Just kidding he was doing none of that.
Sunday began with some talking and some cleaning...followed by some eating. We went to Fette Sau which is basically the best bbq ever..and I've had a lot of bbq. Got a couple ribs, pulled pork, broccoli, beans, and sweet rolls. So much food and so freakin good.
It was seriously delicious.
Afterward I got some exercise pushing my grocery cart around trader joes and stocking up on stuff for the week. I've been cooking all night and talking myself into getting back in the swing of things. I've got some recipes for you I'll be posting this week....fake potato soup...spaghetti squash..and some other things that you will be dying to try I know it! Happy new week everyone.


  1. Looks like a fun weekend little bird! Did you know we have Wawa in good ol' Orlando now?! Come visit!

  2. Sister! I did know that you have wawa. You better go try that thanksgiving sub....or the pizza sub..or the philly..or the meatball. But first, thanksgiving sub.

    LOVE YOU! And I'll be down for Thanksgiving of course!!