Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Living

Today I woke up in the best mood, which is rare for a Monday. I'm clearly on a high from my favorite type of weekend...a little home time, friend time, cook time, city time, and family time. Also, a lot of Breaking Bad. We finished Season 4 which I fear will create a huge void in our lives. I'm already missing Jesse and Walter White and it hasn't even been 24 hours.

Saturday I did a little jerkin around--meal planning, pumpkin coffee drinking, and a workout session to rid myself of that nervous energy. Then we ventured to SoHo to return some dupilicate gifts to Sur La Table--most amazing store ever by the way, I could spend hours in there. We left with a beautiful cutting board--for chopping little somethings, root beer and grapefruit sodamixes, and a collapsable strainer that I have wanted for forever. Then we drove around the pretty city streets to my new favorite restaurant, The Grey Dog. We got salads, raw vegetables and goddess dressing, raspberry tea, and chicken meatball soup. I could have gone for one of their gigantic chocolate peanut butter cookies, or the pumpkin pie, but I was dying to use that new cutting board so I settled for an apple sundae at home.

Sunday I visited Jocelyn at her new apartment. We had coffee with hot chocolate mix and Baileys and spent a couple hours catching was perfect. Then Louis and I did a market shop and stocked our fridge full of delicious items for the week. Last night I made a potato-less shepherds pie that my friend Emily recommended..and it was INSANE. I'll share the recipe for that hopefully tomorrow.

Have a beautiful week everyone!!!

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