Thursday, August 15, 2013

WebMD, Dragontine Khaleesi, Pretty Little Liars & of course a Healthy Smoothie Recipe

Hello. I haven’t been too chatty on here this week. The after-work minutes seem to run out each day.  Can’t complain though, just loving my job more than ever. A year ago, I wouldn’t have imagined that I could feel so satisfied with work at the end of a day or week. I honestly figured I just wasn’t cut out to be a working lady. I thought maybe I needed to go back to school, have a baby and stay home, or dream up a big time money making idea. Not that all of those things don’t sound appealing, but for now I’m in a spot where I feel fulfilled, challenged, and appreciated each day. So grateful for that.

Other things.

Google, for one. I’ve noticed that when I don’t get the answers I want via the internet, my search phrases get longer and longer, and the entire process becomes unbearably time consuming, until I basically trick cyberspace into giving me the answers I want. Usually the results I desire end up being from 2005 so not sure how applicable they are to my current situations, especially when what I’m searching is medically related. Pretty sure everything they said was good in 2005 has now flip flopped between bad and good at least 10 times. WebMD and weirdo message boards are forever haunting me.

Focusing on my relaxation time also known as, watching marathons of Pretty Little Liars and compulsively staring at Hannah, Aria, and Emily on instagram. Sometimes their best friends and families too. It’s an amusing thing, that instagram. Jane mentioned to me that she follows Lena Dunham on there and how it feels like you actually know her because you get little peeks into her somewhat normal seeming life. Not sure why I never thought to follow all of my favorite TV actors and celebrity obsessions on insta, but feel relieved that now I do. Also, Game of Thrones every night. Hello, Khaleesi. Why are you so beautiful?

Lucy, the Dragon Tine.
You’ll be shocked to know that until today, I hated all of my smoothies this week. Seriously. Could hardly get them down. Not sure if my taste buds are going through some sort of change, or if I’m just sick of my regular recipes and ingredients…but I’ll tell you, I was starting to dread (and dispose of) my sippable work lunches. After being in a bit of a cooking and workout slump, I woke up today determined to feel excited and inspired. Go team! It’s rare that there are magical clouds of inspiration present at 5:30 when it’s dark and dreary out…but today I forced them. I just kept thinking that the PLL cast was most likely up and filming, or AT LEAST working out with their fabulous trainers. Whatever gets you going, right? (I know, so crazy.) Anyway, I went to the gym for sprints and stretching and came home feeling hungry and fabulous. I pulled out some fruits and veggies and whipped up a super delicious smoothie.

Servings: I divided this into 2 servings. I had one serving at breakfast and brought one to work for a snack.

Here’s what you need:
4 tiny apples or 2 big (Have you noticed that the organic apples are always teensy?)
1/2 cucumber
1 banana
1 nectarine
3 carrots, peeled
2 cups coconut water
1 lemon (not pictured)
1 scoop protein powder (Vanilla Pea Protein is my current fave. Normally this is optional, but since this recipe has a high natural sugar content, I recommend balancing it out with added protein.)
4-5 ice cubes…or however many it takes to make it super cold
Optional Add In: Maca Powder

Here’s what you do:
Remove apple cores and nectarine pit
Cut fruit into small-ish pieces that your blender can handle
Blend, adding additional water or coconut water until you get your desired consistency

I also fried an egg. I’ve been doing that lately.
It has a different taste and texture because of the carrots and apples, but I really love it. One of my favorite juice combos is apple carrot, but I haven’t been able to juice this week so I wanted to use up some of my produce before it goes bad. It felt really nourishing and satisfying post work out, and I loved the combination of flavors. I’ll definitely be making this one again!

Well, other than that, I had to pull a dress out from my winter stash today because it’s semi-cold out. I really think summer might be over. If it is, I’m okay with it. We now have more family in Florida (Hello, Charsaroo) so I’m looking forward to some hot, sunshiney trips in the coming months. honor of Throw Back Thursday, a couple photos of me and Sweet Lou from our first couple months together. 2007!

No questions today...tomorrow is Friday YAY!

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