Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patty's Day Weekend

 We had a super fun St. Patrick's Day celebration! I finally made it to a big parade in the city. I've been to other randoms that are not worth mentioning...but this one was just great! I met up early in the day with my friend Aileen and her family to join in on their traditional St. Patty's Day festivities. I loved seeing all the dancers, musicians, cheerleaders, students, firemen, and random wavers and walkers. Mostly I just loved standing around, with a big group of really fun people who were dressed in green and excited for the day. We left before it was over since it was snowing like crazy, and made our way to The Crooked Knife. During our walk, we spotted a celeb - (who one of A's friends just happened to know) Bart Bass. Normally I don't snap photos in these situations (I just stare), but I pretended to be taking it for Aileen's friend, so I'm sure Bart had no idea that I'm actually a Gossip Girl Superfan.
Louis and Kosch met up with our group a bit later at The Crooked Knife. They drank whiskey and in the spirit of the day, I enjoyed a Guiness. It was kind of like a milkshake. We made two more bar stops during the evening, one in the city and another in Williamsburg. We also stopped for a not so Irish dinner where we had Mexican food for the first time in for-ev. I had chips n salsa, a veggie burrito AND a frozen sangria. Oh man....so good. It's always a fab time when Kosch is around...and he's an especially good strut-cutter which made for lots of laughs throughout the night!
Sunday Louis worked and I did some food prep for the week. That night we went over to our good friends Jeremy and Ava's for dinner. We got to see their amazing apartment (which I've been daydreaming about for the past two days...why wasn't I blessed with decorating skills?) and enjoyed the most delicious chicken wings ever. I made some brussels with bacon which I loved as well...I'll be sharing that recipe this week!
Bart Bass!!
Such a delightful weekend!! Make sure to check back in this week because some fun changes are coming this way....
Have a great week!

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