Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I like It :: Loves from the Oscars

I always mean to watch awards shows and glamourous events that are being televised, but normally, I forget. This time however, I did not forget and I was so happy that I didn't. I LOVED watching the Oscars. Louis and I had our own little Oscar party at home, and decided to bring out our natural beauty by enjoying refreshing face masks. He now claims that the face mask gave him a break out, but I keep telling him that his body is just trying to get rid of the toxins and dirt in his pores. Obviously Beauty 101.
Anyway, I'm by no means a fashion expert BUT - I had a few fave looks from the evening that I will share. Apparently I'm a fan of neutrals, even though I rarely ever wear creams/pale colors myself. I thought these girls looked the most gorgeous out of everyone - from their hair and makeup to their dresses. So beautiful!!

I know Anne Hathaway has gotten a lot of bad reviews for her acceptance speech...but I say give her a break. She's dramatic...she IS an actress. The oatmeal paste diet paid off...look at those collarbones... AND most importantly, her performance was amazing. Now I'm dying to see Les Miserables.
Jennifer Garner looked so, so gorgeous. I loved whenever they flashed to her in the audience. She also seemed so comfortable presenting. A lot of the actors sounded nervous which is understandable since it IS the Oscars, but she looked so confident and had a lovely speaking voice.
I really enjoyed all of the performances, thought Seth MacFarlane was adorable, I'm thrilled about wins for Quentin Tarrentino, Jennifer Lawrence, and Argo (those were all my faves from movies I actually saw), and my favorite acceptance speech was Daniel Day Lewis's - he was so humble and quirky.
Now I'd like to get my nails done, go to the theater, or watch a good movie. Oh, an update from my life - I'm obsessed with The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I never want it to end so I'm trying to read slowly.

Source: All photos from People.com with the exception of the face mask series.

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