Monday, December 10, 2012

Worst day in the kitchen EVER

I went to a holiday party Saturday night - after convincing myself I'd go home early with a 2 drink max. Not much to my surprise, I got carried away by the festivities and I woke up yesterday feeling tired and not good. I soon realized the delightful day I had planned of meal making, cleaning, listening to christmas music, and cookie baking, was going to turn out much differently than I had hoped.

I started out easy, with the egg muffins that I've been making just about every week for the past few months. Fail #1. EVERY muffin, stuck to the bottom of the tin. I didn't forget to grease it. Something just didn't work.

Onto a new recipe I discovered for spicy chicken soup. It was supposed to go in the crock pot but after chopping vegetables and putting everything into the crock, I decided I didn't actually have enough time before I left for church to take the chicken out, shred it, etc, so I transfered everything to another pot and began to improv, if you will. The recipe called for cream cheese, which turned into lots of tiny clumps. Not so cute and far from appetizing. I attempted to salvage the vegetables by pouring everything into a strainer, then I tried again on the broth. I think I'm at Fail #3 now. Dumped everthing out again, laid on the couch staring at my mess and feeling sorry for my miserable self for 25 minutes.

At that point I accepted that I was never going to make it to church and headed out to the market to grab two last ingredients for my cookies.

When I returned home I managed to put together a really easy chicken soup and then made myself a coffee because I was convinced my cooking fiascos had come to an end and I needed to re-energize. I set out all my ingredients, got out my mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, and began. Let me ask you something, who knew that wax paper and parchment paper were NOT the same thing? Fail #4. I mean it seems logical that they'd be different, different names. This brain was clearly in another state. After 2 dozen were finished and cooled, I decided it was time for a taste. Wouldn't you know, the wax stuck right to the bottom of every dang one. Oh, these were for a work cookie swap, so I had no option but to continue.

Back to the store. They had no parchment so I settled for pam after triple checking with cousin Dahni (the real baker) that foil and pam would work. Finally, after hours of swapping out batches every eight minutes, delicious chocolate, almond, coconut cookies were COMPLETE.

So, I'm feeling a bit timid about anymore cooking this week. I think I'll stick to salads and try again next weekend. I did end up closing the day out feeling quite happy - finished cleaning at 12am and welcomed Louis home a little later on in the night. He's back to play Brooklyn and then leaves again tomorrow. This month is flying by...can't believe not this Friday but next we'll be in SEATTLE!

Have a good week everyone!


  1. Your experience is the very reason I hate trying new receipes! The failure!! I already don't enjoy cooking but then to mess up and be hungry/frustrated. The worst feeling! Glad you ended on a good note and most importantly- that you didn't give up on those cookies!


  2. Azuree! It was disappointing for sure. I feel like all the new things I've been trying in the kitchen have been delicious so I guess I was due for a messup. Oh well. And the cookies are REALLY good so I'm glad I didn't give up on those either. I think my main problem was trying to do too many things at once, while not in the best mental state. :)