Friday, November 30, 2012

David Bazan/Pedro the Lion Show

When Louis and I first got together, he gave me a bunch of music to listen to. Well, I think he probably told me about some bands, and I either bought their CD or stalked them on myspace. One of my favorites that he recommended was the Pedro the Lion Control album. I remember going on a trip with some of my college girlfriends and laying out by the pool listening to it from start to finish--over and over. I loved how the songs fit together to tell a crazy story. I loved his writing. I really just thought all of the songs were amazing. A few months later I was living in Nashville and David Bazaan (the singer from PTL) was playing a show. I attended. It was my first time going to a show alone which I feel is fitting since his songs are sometimes a bit lonely.

If you know Louis, you know that Dave is one of his favorite musicians. We listen to his music frequently at home. While I love all of the newer stuff, my favorite record of his is the first one that I heard. When I found out he was going on a tour and playing all of this record from top to bottom, I was super excited. The show was awesome. I loved getting to hear the entire album live - he normally plays some of the Control songs, but not all of them. He did questions from the crowd like always---and I can remember one of them so I'll share it with you. Someone asked him what he thought about the book of Job and he responded that he thinks it's made up. Then a voice from the crowd yelled, "out of context!!!!" - Louis told me later that the voice belonged to Jay Baker.

David Bazan tours pretty frequently. We probably see him a couple times a year sometimes at venues and sometimes he does house shows. If you haven't seen him and you ever have the chance, you should definitely go! Here are a few photos I took during the show:

I went home afterward, however Louis stayed out to hang with some of his friends, including Dave Bazan. Usually when these band people hangouts occur, I head home since I'm not much of a late nighter during the work week.

He strolled in around 4-something-AM...ready for a big chat and probably a snack. I promptly stuffed my earplugs back in and told him we'd talk in the morning. He did wake up with me, but a few minutes later I found him like this on our couch.

**I meant to post this before Thanksgiving but the airport didn't have internet!!**
Well, that is all! I hope all of you have a beautiful Thanksgiving. We are heading to Florida tomorrow to celebrate with Louis's Dad's side of the family. This year will be my first time attending as a DeFabrizio! It'll be my fourth time going home since we moved here a bit over two and a half years ago. Our trip is already pretty full---we are going to see Eddie Vedder play in Jacksonville and Orlando...and I cannot wait! I absolutely love the holidays and am very much looking forward to the next few days.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!!!! So much to be Thankful for this year, that's for sure.


  1. Kristen, is this the guy you and I saw in Orlando, I think at E/W Records and Tapes. Louis was on tour and we were hanging out doing all the cool stuff you are blessed to be able to do? If this is the same guy, he was awesome and funny, interacting with the crowd.


  2. Yes dad I think you did go with me to see him play at Park Ave CDs!